I was a frequent contributor to Discovery’s Curiosity Daily podcast.

Here you will find links to the stories I have contributed to this incredible show. It was a lot of fun to work for the show, and I was incredibly lucky to have Ashley Hamer as an editor to delete most of my dumb jokes.

April 2021

Throbbing pain has nothing to do with your pulse

This frog has noise-canceling lungs

There’s a slug that cuts off its own head when it wants a new body

How do we choose our mates? A new computer model may have gotten us closer to the answer

Believe it or not, some viruses protect their hosts and even have therapeutic uses

How will scientists know if life ever existed on Mars?

Our known solar system just got a little bigger

March 2021

Scientists discovered why food sticks to nonstick pans

Why can’t our pets eat chocolate?

Why does a lake freeze from the top down, and not the bottom up? 

Catnip may have a purpose beyond getting cats high — it protects them from mosquitoes!

Study of sourdough from around the world shows location doesn’t matter for its microbes

Microbes in dental plaque are more like soil microbes than tongue microbes, which suggests our microbiomes came from dirt

That whole “phosphine on Venus” discovery, suggesting life? That probably wasn’t phosphine after all

Quadruple-helix DNA exists – and it might be useful for fighting cancers

February 2021

The time a bunch of birds became milk bottle thieves

Sleep might have evolved before the brain

There’s a hidden letter in the alphabet song, and you already sing it

Gene therapy injection in one eye surprises scientists by improving vision in both

The first reliable and widely available pregnancy test was… a frog?

The time scientists made ants walk on stilts… for science (obviously!) 

Was farming really a step up for our hunter-gatherer ancestors?

A new study confirms that Early Birds and Night owls aren’t alone as the only two chronotypes

January 2021

Researchers find a molecule that promotes muscle health when it’s magnetized

For some frogs, surviving the winter means becoming a “frogcicle”

Why do bacon & eggs just go together? Meet umami synergy

Disgusting sights literally turn your stomach

Why are tattoos permanent?

Why do some vaccines have to be kept so cold?

Scientists have just measured the shortest amount of time, ever.

Meet Alfred Russel Wallace, the other guy who discovered natural selection

Do flies experience time more slowly than we do?

December 2020

Why the Universe Seems to Hate Odd Numbers

Researchers Once Put Feathered Hats on Birds to See if Other Birds Found Them Sexy

We Trick Bacteria Into Making Insulin For Us

What makes radiation harmful?

Why don’t we have battery-powered airplanes?

November 2020

That time a glitchy instrument led to evidence for the Big Bang

Humans aren’t the only animals capable of deception

Why is life based on carbon and not silicon?

Why are spacesuits white?

AI could help predict which drugs won’t agree with women (since studies haven’t)

Parasitic Worms Found in Medieval Human Remains May Hold the Secret for Eradicating Them Today

October 2020

In Haiti, Zombies Are More Than Fiction

Some Bacteria in Your Gut Produce Electricity

Could parasites turn us into zombies?

Why Don’t Predators Hunt Their Prey Into Extinction?

Our ability to drink milk evolved way faster than we thought

With Iterative Evolution, a Species Can Evolve TWICE

Ballooning spiders surf on electric fields

September 2020

How did California’s giant redwoods survive the raging wildfires?

Wildfires can create their own storms

How bags enabled human evolution

Painting eyes on cow butts may help solve a key wildlife conservation problem

A mutation that makes us prone to autoimmune diseases evolved to protect us from malaria

We were wrong about the way sperm swim

How do anglerfish fuse to their mates without immune rejection?

August 2020

We might be able to use fungus as a radiation shield

What to do when your pet is scared

Endosymbiont Theory – you have microbes inside your cells

Are there really wasps inside figs?

Dogs might be able to sense Earth’s magnetic field

During WWII, the US military tried to develop shark repellant

Giant sea scorpions were the underwater titans of prehistoric Australia

The unintelligible languages of interstellar travel

We may be able to fight climate change with rocks

The genius math behind credit card numbers

There are tiny rocks in your ears that help you detect motion

Chemotherapy began as a chemical weapon

July 2020

Why the blue blood of horseshoe crabs is essential for drug development

How Fannie Farmer transformed cooking from folk art into science

What do you do when you can’t recognize faces?

Why does my cat have vertical pupils?

This is why plants are green

How microbes and parasites might actually make us healthier

Dolphins use tools — and they learn how from other dolphins

One of the first gallbladder surgeries happened on a kitchen table

Four of the eight planets have rings. Mars used to be the fifth.

The femme fatale firefly lures males to their doom

Why so many Mars missions are launching this summer

The time that photosynthesis killed off 99% of life on Earth

June 2020

When pollen is scarce, bumblebees bite plants to force them to flower

Why periodical cicadas come out every 13 or 17 years

How failing to build a “death ray” led to the invention of radar

How do we get seedless fruit?

Earth’s magnetic north pole is drifting every year

Maybe the most devastating meteor on record never even landed

Elephants can catch contagious yawning from humans

Scientists made blind and sighted people “see” shapes by stimulating the visual cortex

Why NASA doesn’t launch rockets in the rain

Why llamas are so promising for human virus protection

Japanese honeybees defend against ‘murder hornets’ by forming bee balls

May 2020

When it comes to wounds, science says “rub some dirt on it” might be good advice

What can we learn from prehistoric poop?

This is the first direct evidence that our brains replay waking experiences while we sleep

Apparently, elephants get drunk and they’re total lightweights

Scientists are trying to add the eighth row to the periodic table

How natural selection favors superstitions

The way our noses smell is way more complicated than we thought

What scientists learned when they tried to build a second Earth

Maybe tarantula venom could be an alternative to opioids

Why do allergy medications make us sleepy?

Astronauts may use their own urine to help build the first moon base

We just found the ancestor of most living animals

April 2020

Researchers discover bacteria living in rock beneath the sea floor (which is good news for life on Mars)

How screeching tape travels at supersonic speeds

How well do you know the back of your hand? Probably not very well at all

How does Tuvan Throat singing work?

Humpback whales use ‘bubble nets’ to catch fish

The surprising genetic reason females outlive males

What can scientists learn from watching the human brain jiggle?

Scientists claim to have discovered the smallest known dinosaur of the Mesozoic

Half-billion-year-old fern-like animals acted like an ancient internet

March 2020

Massive viruses that blur the line between living and non-living

Solar storms blind whales because they mess with magnetoreception

Why Some Amphibians Glow

Scientists just created the first synthetic self-replicating genome

Scientists discover first animal that doesn’t breathe oxygen

Dingos descended from domesticated dogs

Kleptogenesis is evolution’s weirdest breeding technique

February 2020

Wasps Can Recognize Each Others’ Faces

Xenobots: the World’s First Assembled Organisms

Hear a 3,000-Year-Old Mummy’s Voice

Superhuman Red Blood Cells for Drug Delivery

January 2020

Studying ‘Split-Brain’ Patients Taught Scientists Strange Things About the Brain

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