Let me introduce myself. My name is Cameron, and you have found my blog site. I want you to feel welcome here.

My goal with Beakers Birds & Brains is to inform and educate. I have spent the last several years teaching Biology at the University level, mainly teaching classes aimed at students with majors other than Biology. Often this can be a bit of an uphill battle, what with students already apprehensive about taking a science. However, it is a challenge that I truly enjoy.

I see inherent value in science communication, of one of my goals is to be the most effective science communicator I can be. Very common is the disconnect between the scientist and the public, but I have found that I am most enthusiastic about trying to fill that gap.

I love being an explainer.

That is what I will be doing on this site. I will take science topics and I will distill them to their basic components. I want to transmit not only a better understanding of the natural world, but the awe of that understanding as well.

Some of the posts you see here will be on topics that I know from experience that people tend to struggle with. Other times, I will talk about something newsworthy with the hope of dispelling common myths about science. My science news will often try to call out all too common misreporting of the source material, which does a disservice to the underlying scientific process. There might also be the occasional book review or interview.

I hope you, as the reader, gain as much from the experience of reading this blog site as I hope to gain from writing it.

Here. We. Go.


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