Hi. My name is Cameron, and I am a Science Writer.

I write about genomes, quirks of evolution, the brain, the environment, and even soap (sometimes). I am a regular contributor to Discovery’s Curiosity Daily Podcast. My work has appeared on MinuteEarth, Hakai Magazine, and in The Green Scene column in Asheville, NC’s alt-weekly Mountain Xpress.

In graduate school, I would ask birds questions in order to become a scientist. Now, I ask scientists questions to learn about, well, anything.

I do this because my passion is to make science accessible to everyone.

Selected Works

Octopuses are Eight-armed Taskmasters

Published by Hakai Magazine

Does it Pay to Cheat? – Published by MinuteEarth

Why you can’t build a clone army… (yet) – Published by MinuteEarth

Fighting coronavirus with llamas, and Why rain stops rocket launches (Podcast Segments)

Published by the Curiosity Daily Podcast

Why some people can’t recognize faces (Podcast Segment)

Published by the Curiosity Daily Podcast

Australian Dingos Evolved From Pet Dogs (Podcast Segment)

Published by the Curiosity Daily Podcast

Local beekeepers encounter their biggest hive yet

Published by Mountain Xpress

Riverlink’s RAD Watershed Plan addresses Asheville’s most impaired waterway

Published by Mountain Xpress

Get in touch.

Email: cameronbduke@gmail.com

Twitter: @DukeofCam

Instagram: Cameron.b.duke