Hi. My Name is Cameron and I write about cool science things.

I write about genomes, quirks of evolution, the brain, the environment, and even soap (sometimes). I consider myself a professional Wikipedia diver and cold e-mailer and a wannabe intellectual wanderer.

My short bio

Science writing hasn’t always been my default state. I have worked as a recording engineer, a bike messenger, a book distributor, a graphic designer, and a baker’s assistant. Much of this was to try and support a struggling music career. Needless to say, that path didn’t exactly pan out the way I thought it might. My curiosity for the natural world was something my parents had infused me with at a young age. I had more than one encyclopedia set in my room growing up. Secondhand, each set was missing a few volumes so they complemented each other nicely. Anyway, I found that I was much more interested in playing with sound and learning about the science of acoustics than I ever was interested in recording people’s music.

That realization led me to pursue my Master’s degree in Biology. I know what you’re thinking – that’s a bit of a jump. Maybe. But I don’t see it that way. Instead, I studied the way animals use sound to communicate. Poetically, I went from studying songwriting and music in Undergrad to a Master’s project studying how Song Sparrow’s sing.

Since then I have been lecturing at various universities and returning to my roots as someone who tries their best to blend the creative, the analytical, and the curious.